Our Vision

One of the most common questions we get is "What is the purpose of the Test Guys NFT project?"
Well, what we're doing is building a way of easily communicating between video games and Solana metadata.

Here's the process:

— You load up a game. On your phone, in a browser, it doesn't matter.

— You're asked to visit a page and verify your wallet. When you do that, we're able to see what's inside your wallet (like NFTEyez, for example).

— Once you have verified your wallet, we're able to grab all of the metadata your wallet contains for NFTs. All we do is get the data. We do not ask for any additional Sol, and we do not make a transaction.

— Using that metadata, we're able to spawn your NFTs in the game we're developing, and have been sharing the (very, very) lite version of it as a preview. Check out our meme game, link in the navigation bar!

— Your NFTs will be your playable characters. You can remove backgrounds to mix and match the heads. One of our users (shout out to @pmd on Discord) had an AMAZING suggestion that we also set it up like a photobooth, which will be incorporated in version 1.

— Long term, we're hoping to have an impact on what we'd like to call "MetaGame Protocol," but what it's called isn't important. Even if it's an offshoot of the metaplex protocol, the goal is to be able to easily and directly import game assets from ANY mint into our game, and opensource that framework to the community.