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Test Guys is the first collection of 8 bit mp4 NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. 101 Guys + 7 different animations = an amazing multimedia NFT to share with your friends.



Welcome to the Test Guys Initiative (also known as the TGI).

The TGI has a single, solitary goal: to help mankind extend their lifespan and, in turn, increase the overall usefulness of the human race as a whole. For so long, people have only had a single lifetime to find their purpose in the universe, and those that have found it have had their life’s work cut ruthlessly short by nature, other humans, "acts of God", and a near infinite number of unfortunate circumstances.

Well, not anymore. Thanks to Robot Guy, that’s all changing.

Robot Guy is an incredibly advanced Artificial Intelligence that was designed by Astro Guy and Bat Guy. This AI is housed in a humanoid form that's comprised of a synthetic neural network that allows him to learn and even reason; this leads to increasingly advanced experiments as time goes on. His sole purpose is to run as many experiments as possible, finding all the different way that humans can perish, so that genetic modification for future generations can begin and death can be no more than an afterthought.

It would be unethical, of course, to perform these tests on actual people. Robot Guy, thanks to the vast amounts of money that Bat Guy has access to for some reason, has developed a “cloning” machine and performs his tests on artificially created specimens.

Something isn’t right, though. Experimenting on living beings, even if they're artificially created seems... incorrect? No... that isn't quite it.

It... feels incorrect. It feels... wrong.



An Open-Source Solana Project

Test Guys is creating a game. Our game will ask to scan your Solana wallet. Once verified, we'll be able to grab the metadata directly from your wallet, and populate your NFTs directly in the game! This is an open-source project, we intend to share this tech with our friends on Solana!

Note that no transactions are made and no Sol is required for this.


Custom Made 8-bit Chiptunes

We've partnered with an audio engineer and had all new tracks created for Test Guy NFT holders! An airdrop of various mp3 NFTs, which can now be found on our verified secondary market on DigitalEyes.

Credit to "crocant" in our Discord channel for the great album cover!

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More Than One Way To Use Your NFTs

While many of your character-based NFTs will be populated as playable characters (or even enemies), that's not all we have in store!

Test Guy NFT holders will periodically receive "supply drops." Each Supply Drop will be comprised of items that we've designed for in-game use, such as weapons or medkits, etc., and each supply drop will only be run once.

These items are tradable, and we have a verified secondary market for them on DigitalEyez.